The Bayshire Way

Bayshire communities are consistently among the most highly sought after senior-living locations in their markets. Our secret is our people-centered philosophy: We find the best caregivers in the industry, and we treat them like gold. Under their stewardship, the level of care within our communities surpasses the highest expectations. Through their professionalism and attention to detail, they create a peacefulness that is palpable — a genuine feeling of goodness you just don’t find in other retirement communities. Prospective clients, residents, and families respond to it. Even as Bayshire’s revenues increase, the amount of marketing dollars we spend per new resident falls. Our clients and their families do our marketing for us.

Clinical Excellence

Each Bayshire community offers beautiful surroundings, both indoors and out. But it is our people—not our places—that deserve credit for the high level of satisfaction our communities achieve. Our community leaders hand-pick each care team and offer extensive continuing education to keep them up-to-date on policies, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies that benefit our seniors. We give our care teams autonomy to customize each individual’s care based on his or her changing needs and preferences. And we support their efforts to uphold the protocols outlined in Bayshire’s 5-Star Standard of Care.

Sales and Marketing

Our marketing teams succeed because they are relationship driven, not numbers driven. They avoid high-pressure sales tactics and instead, connect with families by listening and offering real solutions that give them peace of mind. They are known as people of character who exhibit professionalism and responsiveness. Because of their reputation, we have become a preferred provider for many physicians, hospitals, and senior providers in our local areas.